Sojourns Today in Oil Painting

Sojourns Today for myself covers my many skills and abilities, and the learning curve involved in them all. The mere act of blogging with WordPress for instance has vastly changed since I started in 2009 with “Heritage Basket Studio” when I was a basket weaver & seat weaver/chair caner, of course writing & photography are a major part now as it was then. WordPress and the way you make and edit post is what has changed dramatically, since I had to stop blogging in 2017, now it truly is like starting all over again. Just bear with me as I … Continue reading Sojourns Today in Oil Painting

Photographic Moments from the Past

In trying to get back into blogging, I have been trying to get back to carrying my camera with me all the time, alas life is still filled with good intentions! For myself it is so important with the price of gas steadily creeping upwards, that I try to make all of my trips worthwhile. when you live in rural America you learn from the start growing up that a lot of people live in smaller towns like satellites around larger towns/cities. While there is a grocery store & pharmacy, post office, banks etc. in my town, better sales and … Continue reading Photographic Moments from the Past

Sojourns From The Past – Gardening

Not all of my posts will be from the past, it just happens that there is a bit more of a learning curve to, than there used to be. I am very fortunate to have my own images for the most part to work with, for myself there is no better way to get past the learning curve than to just get started posting. Actually I had already written this post once today and hit a wrong button and deleted it all, there is an auto save feature that “is supposed” to save your work every couple of seconds! … Continue reading Sojourns From The Past – Gardening


You may be asking yourself, why pick a name like this? I needed a name that could cover a wide & diverse array of topics. Just like i had stated on my home page when writing my first blog of ten years, Heritage Basket Studio; started out as a means of promoting my basketry, seat weaving & hand caning. You will remember or see by going to that blog, it outgrew its name over the years, and grew to encompass a wide array of topics. This time around I needed a name that would do this for the long term, … Continue reading SOJOURNS TODAY – THE GOAL


What’s in a Name? The typical meaning of “Sojourn” is a brief stay or visit in a location, town, city or place. For myself, there have been many “sojourns” through life, in the way of short stays or visits to the many things that I have learned to do in life, art, creativity, gardening, both flower and vegetable, cooking, baking, home canning, putting food up for winter. learning to play the piano. Twenty plus years as a basket weaver, seat weaver & chair caner. Exploring Old Order Mennonite life from the inside out, as an Old Order Mennonite myself. There … Continue reading SOJOURNS TODAY