While i have painted in watercolors since 1978, and started painting in oils last year, the only time that I ever painted in acrylics, was a still life in the third grade! Wow, that is hard to believe, that would have been about 1971, really eons ago!! This morning i wanted to attempt a type of underpainting in acrylics used to build up depth on which you paint mosses on rocks & trees in oils, however as I got started, using the same process that I do in oil painting (purely from imagination, no photo references) actually most of the … Continue reading ACRYLIC PAINTING~ FIRST ATTEMPT


In general I am usually in a hurry on Sunday morning, this is the main reason for “Silent Sundays”. This morning has really been non hurried (I really wish) it would happen this way more often! I always have loved doing macro photography over the years. I have never been lucky enough to have a dedicated macro lens like the (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens), though I must say, even though I would really like this macro lens, I have been very happy using ( EXT-CD2 Auto Focus Extension Tube Set for Canon EF/EF-S ) along with … Continue reading SEMI-SILENT SUNDAY IN MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY


Here are this weeks paintings, the first painting is 5×7 inches on cradled masonite panel, the second is 8×10 inches on cradled masonite panel, #1 only has 3 colors, Sap Green, Transparent Red Oxide, Paynes Grey. #2 has the same, plus some Hansa Yellow Light. I really must find a better light source, the painting are not nearly as dark as they appear. Texturing was done in the wet paint with a type of textured or embossed tissue paper. It is amazing to me how my painting style is in a constant stage of flux, always ever evolving. What I … Continue reading SOJOURNS TODAY-EVOLVING STYLES

Sojourns Today in Oil Painting

Sojourns Today for myself covers my many skills and abilities, and the learning curve involved in them all. The mere act of blogging with WordPress for instance has vastly changed since I started in 2009 with “Heritage Basket Studio” when I was a basket weaver & seat weaver/chair caner, of course writing & photography are a major part now as it was then. WordPress and the way you make and edit post is what has changed dramatically, since I had to stop blogging in 2017, now it truly is like starting all over again. Just bear with me as I … Continue reading Sojourns Today in Oil Painting


You may be asking yourself, why pick a name like this? I needed a name that could cover a wide & diverse array of topics. Just like i had stated on my home page when writing my first blog of ten years, Heritage Basket Studio; started out as a means of promoting my basketry, seat weaving & hand caning. You will remember or see by going to that blog, it outgrew its name over the years, and grew to encompass a wide array of topics. This time around I needed a name that would do this for the long term, … Continue reading SOJOURNS TODAY – THE GOAL