Here are this weeks paintings, the first painting is 5×7 inches on cradled masonite panel, the second is 8×10 inches on cradled masonite panel, #1 only has 3 colors, Sap Green, Transparent Red Oxide, Paynes Grey. #2 has the same, plus some Hansa Yellow Light. I really must find a better light source, the painting are not nearly as dark as they appear. Texturing was done in the wet paint with a type of textured or embossed tissue paper.

It is amazing to me how my painting style is in a constant stage of flux, always ever evolving. What I found enticing and interesting yesterday appears to evolve in the next painting. I really do have a thing for trees, rocks, ground and water. There are always interesting techniques to explore. In the past I found myself, wanting to perfect something new before I applied it to a new painting. This was just plain cumbersome & tedious. The reasoning behind this was, do not waste paint, canvas & or panels. It seems for myself, once you get past “the waste factor” you gain real freedom of expression. Nothing is ever really waisted in the process, because through experiencing the process you have learned! Learned what works & and what does not. That being said, even if something turns out horribly wrong, let it dry & get the gesso out, apply it and you have a brand new surface to start with “a new blank canvas” Though (fingers crossed) I never have had to do this!

If a painting is not going the way I thought it should, I stop and put it on the shelf where I must look at it from all angles, I have to walk by it, ponder what I see, then mostly when I am not thinking about it, an idea, inspiration comes to me. I may need the look of a brighter light source, deeper shadow, darker grass, or simply a splash of color. Giving up to quickly is a mistake, just give it time to develop in your mind & go for it.

Just like in photography, if you are out and about, most of the time the best shots come when you are not looking for them,(mostly when you are in the car & your camera is at home)! You tend to be more subconsciously aware, not actively looking for a subject, and poof it is there. Speaking for myself painting is more like that. It is like keeping a dream journal, where you record your dreams. I keep a steno pad with me to record possibilities I would like to explore with paint, or make a quick sketch of an idea.