Sojourns Today in Oil Painting


Sojourns Today for myself covers my many skills and abilities, and the learning curve involved in them all. The mere act of blogging with WordPress for instance has vastly changed since I started in 2009 with “Heritage Basket Studio” when I was a basket weaver & seat weaver/chair caner, of course writing & photography are a major part now as it was then. WordPress and the way you make and edit post is what has changed dramatically, since I had to stop blogging in 2017, now it truly is like starting all over again. Just bear with me as I learn this new way of blogging.

I have been sharing my oil paintings on my Facebook page as well as on my “Sojourns Today” Facebook page, this blog & Facebook, in many respects are the same, which is the vehicle by which my aim is to share my journey through art, creativity, photography, and a positive lifestyle. I will admit the journey into a positive lifestyle has been a long road, very long and very negative, I will admit I had no idea how long a road it would be, and how long it would take to disperse being hurt by a certain negative group of people. We all have contrast in our lives, for we cannot know the good without the bad. From this new blog it is my desire to move forward and leave the negativity behind. I now work in oils/alkyd, watercolors and all that go with blogging about these. It is my sincere hope that people will get into their creative aspects, I have found it to be a great way to “help” release negativity in my life, as well as help disperse the negative energy given off by negative people. I love getting lost in creativity!

Here I will start by posting some pictures of my recent oil paintings and in subsequent post I will move back in time with the paintings. As stated before as with everything there is a learning curve, I would like to think I get better with each new painting, sometimes i will try out new to me techniques and then look back at the pictures and wonder “WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING”???

I paint from my imagination, and visualization to come up with composition to explore, ninety five percent of the time. I very rarely will use a photo reference, and if I do, it generally is because it really speaks to me. When it comes to seascapes, I will often look at an array of ocean photography, as oceans vary widely around the planet, and try to formulate a concept in my mind from which to build on, until I can create something of my own.