Photographic Moments from the Past

Blueridge Mountains Elkton, Virginia

In trying to get back into blogging, I have been trying to get back to carrying my camera with me all the time, alas life is still filled with good intentions! For myself it is so important with the price of gas steadily creeping upwards, that I try to make all of my trips worthwhile. when you live in rural America you learn from the start growing up that a lot of people live in smaller towns like satellites around larger towns/cities. While there is a grocery store & pharmacy, post office, banks etc. in my town, better sales and other transactions have you going to that larger town, very often either weekly or every other week. What better thing can you do to make your trip more cost effective? Take your camera with you, make a day of it, you are already there, in most cases the trip is at least 20’ish miles each way, visit a park, pack a lunch, look for photo opportunities all along the way. You never know when a good moment or scene will present itself to you.

While I may not have anyone particular subject in mind, it is very nice to look back at your photos and create blog posts around them or write you post with the specific purpose in mind of going out to get the photos for it. either way ends up being a win/win situation. Photography gives you a reason to get out of the house or apartment you are in, to walk in nature, walk in the city, in the countryside. Going about in this manner actually uses no more gas to get the shots as it is part of the journey you would be making anyway.

If times are really tight & you must stay at home, a simple walk around & about your town, can often yield many surprises. You are not limited to flowers, landscapes and the like, however for myself being an oil & watercolor painter I am always looking out for these. Other subjects, old abandoned homes, barns farms, old building from days long gone (my town) Trains, trains are always coming through the town of Elkton. When I lived in and around Dayton, VA, there were always horse & buggies on the roads, due to the large Old Order Mennonite population. When you do photography you are constantly albeit not consciously on the look out for your next subject.

Todays post are photos from the past, as I went to town & walked right off without the camera! what did I see that I could have shot? Beautiful shrub roses in full bloom, yellow wild flowers along the road, purple salvias, trees in bloom, new leaf growth on trees & plants of all sorts, landscapers, ground maintenance people at work. You see, if you look you never really can say “there is nothing to take pictures of” There is always something inside or out, be creative!