The Long Road Back

Photo by Dana Tentis on

I am sure that anyone that finds this post, especially those that were kind enough to subscribe; have wondered what happened. For myself it has been a long journey of ups & downs. In November & December 2017 I suffered through 2 “DVT’s” (Deep Vein Thrombosis Strokes) one in each month of Nov/Dec 2017, followed three months later in March 2018 by a 1,300 blood sugar. Yes I lived to tell about it, something I am told by my doctors is rare, and with no apparent adverse reactions, except now I am off insulin. The strokes left me with a left hand that is slowly coming back(no typing with it, thus I have become proficient at all right handed typing, which just takes longer, the bright side it could have all been a lot worse!

I started this blog as a way to encourage myself to get back to my photography, writing and art work, while having something to apply it all to and be able to share it all with all of you.

Now, back to why it has taken so long. unless you have experienced any of these situations you will never know how your energy levels wax & wane (believe me they do) sometimes lasting a day or two, other times weeks or worse! Then one day out of the blue (like today) you know the time is right to start again and realize how much stronger you are today over where you were several months prior.

During the past 6 months I have been teaching myself oil painting, which has helped a lot with my watercolor painting which I have dabbled in since 1978, Wow can you believe that is soon to be 43 years! I know the difference between watercolor & oils seems to be a great expanse however it has helped with color theory, composition etc. When I get tired of one I go to the other.

My goal moving forward is to get my camera out and get back to taking pictures for this blog, so you can see what I am doing and how I do it. Unlike decades ago, when all we had was books or the public library, today we have you tube and all of the fantastic artists willing to share their tips and techniques with the world, while I have always been good at reading and following concepts & ideas that way, it is still nice to watch them being done. It is my goal to work on the photography end of the blog this month and get back to a routine of posting again!