Sojourns Today ~ In The Beginning

Blue Water Lilly
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Just like all things we do in life, every little thing could be viewed as a Sojourn (a brief stay or visit). The making of a blog, with all the tiny steps involved from setting up the basic framework on which to build the platform for all of the ideas I wish to express in writing, painting, art & photography takes time. I would love to tell you that it has been a cake walk, walk in the park, easy peasy! Especially after having written my first for ten years. Not so! Nearly everything that was just plain automatic before is not now. Am I telling you that it has been awful? NO, not at all! Looking back from 2009 forward, everything that was easy then, actually has been more streamlined and made easier, it is just the fact that it is much like starting from scratch….again; though it would be unfair to say that as well. The knowledge that I gained from 2009 forward at least gave me some understanding of what was trying to convey. Now that much of that has been accomplished, I can get started on the “Real” part for me and that is the posts and conveyance of information that the blog is all about.

In the coming months, you may find blog colors have changed as well as other things. The first blog you kind of set it all up and did some tweaking over the years as new things would be made available by WordPress. Today there really are so many things you can do, way too many to deal with prior to hitting publish, you just really must try thing out on the fly, so to speak, to see just how they are going to work. I welcome reader comments if changes are good, bad or indifferent.

Sojourns Today ~ Updates

I have been adding to the primary (top) navigation menu, which will be kind of greek to you, however as you can see pages have been added, Home, Blog, Art (has drop down menu that shows pages for Art Resources,Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting & YouTube Videos (Channels) Photography, Photography Resources & YouTube Videos (Channels)

There are many great artists and photographers on YouTube, which has helped me over the years through their willingness to everyone to share their knowledge and abilities with others so that they may learn as well. I would like to share these with you. One day I was talking with two artists (painters) I just assumed anyone i had found had already been found by anyone. No, they both had never heard of the artists that I found & liked. That is when I felt it may be helpful to others to share the channels of those that inspire me in sharing this information. The same applies to photography. Simply put Sojourns Today will always be a work in progress. As of today I have not done more than set up the Resource pages, but will be adding the channel information and links.

I will also be adding social media links to the blog pages and posts, this is one of the items that is NOT as easy to do as in the past, at least, that I have found so far. “If I an kucy, when I hit publish this post should show up on my Face Book page automatically.

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