Sojourns From The Past – Gardening

Black & Blue Salvia Hummingbirds Love These

Not all of my posts will be from the past, it just happens that there is a bit more of a learning curve to, than there used to be. I am very fortunate to have my own images for the most part to work with, for myself there is no better way to get past the learning curve than to just get started posting.

Actually I had already written this post once today and hit a wrong button and deleted it all, there is an auto save feature that “is supposed” to save your work every couple of seconds! In this case apparently it did not. Here we go again!

I used to love having my mixed English perennial and rose beds and borders, alas it has been about 20+ years since I have had a yard to do that in, though I became proficient at growing in containers. This week I am hoping to get pictures of my container garden to post on.

i learned this week how to make a photo gallery using this theme and will try and see how it works today. In the future though I may change themes, as I found out after the fact that you cannot click on image to enlarge it.

I would also like those of you who use smart phones (I do not have one) to comment on how these post show up on your phones. I work on a desktop computer, they say all of these themes are responsive to whatever device you are using, though I have no way of knowing for sure.

Here is the photo gallery of my flowers from 2017 back, 2018 I did have flowers, thanks to Arlene Reid of Glenhaven Greenhouses in Broadway, VA. She very generously gave me 9 geraniums for my containers both last year & this year. I am ever grateful to Arlene, I just could not imagine a year without flowers.