Sojourns From The Past

Old Order Mennonites Going Home from Church~Dayton, Virginia

Old Order Mennonites of Dayton, Virginia

As I get up to speed and in a groove or routine of designing my new blog, getting it laid out and have topics to post I may from time to time write about my sojourns in photography to share with you. I do have most of the pictures taken over ten years of my old blog, While I am looking forward to getting out with my camera to shoot new photography for Sojourns Today, there are so many details to line up & iron out with this new blog, well like I said before this way it will help me to get back into a groove again.

For ten years of my life I was a member of Pleasant View, Oak Grove & Riverdale Old Order Mennonite churches, in Dayton, Virginia. No cars, just horse & buggy or bicycle transportation allowed. I still look back on those days 25 years ago with mostly fond memories. I still know a good many people from those churches, for which life seems to stand still to this day, except we all have aged (some how that is one part of life that never stands still)!

Pleasant View Old Order Mennonite Meetinghouse

Here you will see the two sets of doors, the men & women set on opposite sides of the church, the women on the left, the men on the right. No electric lights inside or out, only the huge 8 foot double hung windows provide natural light to read you hymnals by (which have no written musical notation in side, they look like a small book of poems, only with a meter notation above each, or a tune name ie. Mattie. A song leader blows into his pitch pipe and sings out the first line then the congregation follows all acapella singing, 4 part harmony sounds fantastic with the men & women separated in church. Dayton Va churches are the only Old Order churches in all of N. America (US and Canada) to sing in 4 part harmony and in English, all others sing in German and in unison.

Green Shutters Closed Over Windows
Pleasant View Hitching Posts w/the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance
Hand Water Pump at Church
Hitching Rails & Outhouse w/The Allegheny Mountain in the distance

Below are pictures of Pleasant View Church, on a sunny summer, Sunday morning, no color this time I processed these in black &white or sepia.

Horse & Buggies @ Pleasant View
Horse & Buggies @ Pleasant View
Horse & Buggies @ Pleasant View
Horse & buggies in Color

Just to show you, just by writing this blog post, I just learned that I can make a gallery of pictures for you on the next post, of course I did not learn this until the end!

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