You may be asking yourself, why pick a name like this? I needed a name that could cover a wide & diverse array of topics. Just like i had stated on my home page when writing my first blog of ten years, Heritage Basket Studio; started out as a means of promoting my basketry, seat weaving & hand caning. You will remember or see by going to that blog, it outgrew its name over the years, and grew to encompass a wide array of topics. This time around I needed a name that would do this for the long term, which really could grow with me.

All I can do here is be honest, I did not choose the name, rather it chose me. Just like with the basket weaving, when it all started 25+ years ago. Myself being the oldest in our family I felt the time may come when my mother may get to a point in her old age, where she would need care, perhaps around the clock. I being single, would be more apt to take that responsibility on, (my mother quit here job in order to care for her parents & grandmother, in lieu of going to a home. I knew that I would need some sort of income, I just did not know what that would or could be. I asked God for help, along with prayer & fasting. The answer, came in a vision (like dreaming but you are awake) dreams & visions have been a regular part of my life, since I was 7 years old.


You will Be A Basket Weaver

I literally was taught to be a basket weaver in a single dream, after that, when a question would arise, it is what I termed my whole life as “Automatic Knowledge” you did not have it yesterday , but today you do, sometimes within minutes or hours, poof there it is! Over the years I have come to understand it is the act of holding a thought or intention in your mind, to acquire knowledge or information in some form or manner. In this era of computers, it is not always a dream or vision;the answer has come through the computer, ie, doing a Google search for apple varieties for a blog post. the computer screen is filled with links to information that I had been holding in my thoughts for days.

I felt some background was needed so that you could better understand how Sojourns Today came to me. I simply asked for a name that would encompass a wide variety, and still be a cohesive name. I got it, driving down the road one day, i started seeing all the letters in various type styles floating up/down, right/left. I thought what am I to make of this?? A voice said speak the largest letters, suddenly they spelled “SOJOURNS TODAY”! I knew what a sojourn, but how does it apply to me, the blog? The voice simply said “EVERYONE” has sojourns in their lives, whether they realize it or not, even life itself is a SOJOURN.



My goal is to post about my work in watercolor, watercolor pencil, oil and acrylic painting. it will be more if a learn with me type of experience. i am hoping through sharing with you, that I grow with it all. Of course there will be photography as well. I have most always done all of my own photography for the blog. I am saddened to say, though since the strokes etc, as much as I loved “shooting in raw” and post processing in Photoshop/Lightroom, I now have found that my computer needs to be upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10, just to be able to use those two programs. Unfortunately I do not see that happening for some time yet, so will go back to Jpegs. I am working on a post now, titled “OF THOSE THAT FEAR ART & CREATIVITY” this being from my personal experiences of the past 8 plus years, I have been surrounded by a group of people that give no encouragement to be artistic or creative in any way. Ten years ago I would have said you are crazy, however, the past 8 plus years have shown me just the opposite, at least concerning those close around me.

NOTE* – The photography for this post are from , with the exception of, Appalachian Ribbed Basket, this was professionally shot, and was woven by me.