Typically the word sojourn in the past has been used to mean a sort or brief stay or visit in a place, town or area. When you stop to think about it our lives here on this earth are but mere sojourns in life. to myself i believe our lives are filled with many sojourns. Everything we do, places we go, things we have a desire to learn in life is but a sojourn.

Examples of sojourns could include, gardening, art, music, meditation, walks in nature, nearly everything we do from day today is but a brief stay or visit to those things which we do in life. Picture a day in your life and everything you do or attempt to accomplish, as chapters in your book of life, all those things or adventures could be considered sojourns through life.

As I make posts to this blog, you will see the myriad of interests I have, all are small sojourns that build into a finished book or sojourn through life……LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE OF IT! We should strive to make it great for ourselves and others along the way!

Sojourns Today is a magazine style blog, based in part from my blog of ten years. That blog was started in March of 2009, Heritage Basket Studio. Originally it was meant to showcase and talk about my basket weaving as well as chair caning and all the types of seat weaving styles. When I started the blog, I did not have a clue as to what i was doing, it was kind of a learn as you go deal.

Horse & BuggyAs time marched on, the blog grew to included post on my ten years as an Old Order Mennonite (horse & buggy) in Dayton, Virginia. Subscribers that knew this part of my life, encouraged me to write about that, from that came my knowledge of cooking, home canning and putting up & preserving food. Then came the Mennonite & Amish recipes, as well as posts on gardening etc.

Heritage Basket Studio became more of a magazine type of blog in the end. The name really no longer applied to what the blog had become. The baskets went away due to a very deceptive dealing, with a group of like natured people in the Northern Virginia area. Since the demise of the basket weaving I have struggled to find my way back to art & creativity, something I  have always done and applied to my life as a whole in one form or another.

In November & December 2017, I suffered a stroke in each month (due to a genetic blood disease Polycythemia vera, a form of iron overload disease, followed 3 months later by a 1,265 blood sugar (from extreme stress). Unfortunately over this time i got locked out of my blog, email, social media accounts, as i no longer could remember user names, passwords etc. I had to start all over again, not entirely a bad thing in hindsight, though no less frustrating


I ask you to please try and bare with me, as far as typing, spelling, grammar goes, as i for the present am a right handed typist, the left hand is slowly coming back, though I am doubtful you want to read three pages of “Z’s”when a pinkie decides to rest on that key. Though i will admit that I am becoming more proficient with right handed typing across the keyboard. Admittedly this section is becoming longer than planned. I will make the first blog post about how the name came about, as well as what I am working towards with Sojourns Today.

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