DO YOU SEE FACES IN MY PAINTINGS? Since I have been painting, I have found out so many people have been looking for and finding faces; is this intentional NO!! I never know they are there most of the time until it is finished. Though I have to admit that now I give my paintings a once over to see if anything pops out at me! Yet even when I do not see anything, someone always seems to be finding something, sometimes I can see what they are seeing and other times I cannot. Going way back before we ever … Continue reading WHAT IS PAREIDOLIA?


*Please overlook the crooked painting, I have not figured out if I can straighten images out in WordPress. I am writing this post to show how you take a simple acrylic underpainting and over paint it in oils, while adding more details. Even though the sky was painted in, with acrylics, Ultramarine Blue at the top and gradated down into cerulean blue & titanium white, the same was done in oils except for the addition of the color manganese/cerulean blue was added to pure cerulean blue. Next the clouds were added. ADDING THE TREE & DETAILS I would like you … Continue reading ACRYLIC UNDERPAINTING TO OILS PROGRESS


WHY DO AN UNDERPAINTING? As for myself to answer this question would be difficult, as I generally do not even entertain the thought! Since I paint from my imagination 99% of the time, I tend to be spontaneous, just go and get going. As I see the images forming in my mind my brush moves to record those thought, images & feelings. I know for those who do underpaintings, it is more to work out tonal values, hues etc. in acrylics, the over paint with oils. For myself this takes away the spontaneity of just doing it. Yesterday, I fell … Continue reading WHAT IS AN UNDERPAINTING?


I had planned on writing a post to go with these photographs of the painting I have been working on over the past several weeks, somehow I just cannot seem to get written what I want to say this time. I am working in layers, which simply means the layers dry before the next is painted. Usually on smaller paintings I work alla prima, meaning all layers are done in one sitting, then the painting is left to dry, once dried then it is varnished. this painting still has some work to be done on it, some very loose suggestions … Continue reading A WATERFALL LANDSCAPE IN THE MAKING


While i have painted in watercolors since 1978, and started painting in oils last year, the only time that I ever painted in acrylics, was a still life in the third grade! Wow, that is hard to believe, that would have been about 1971, really eons ago!! This morning i wanted to attempt a type of underpainting in acrylics used to build up depth on which you paint mosses on rocks & trees in oils, however as I got started, using the same process that I do in oil painting (purely from imagination, no photo references) actually most of the … Continue reading ACRYLIC PAINTING~ FIRST ATTEMPT


In general I am usually in a hurry on Sunday morning, this is the main reason for “Silent Sundays”. This morning has really been non hurried (I really wish) it would happen this way more often! I always have loved doing macro photography over the years. I have never been lucky enough to have a dedicated macro lens like the (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens), though I must say, even though I would really like this macro lens, I have been very happy using ( EXT-CD2 Auto Focus Extension Tube Set for Canon EF/EF-S ) along with … Continue reading SEMI-SILENT SUNDAY IN MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY


Believe it not, not all paintings are perfect! Sometimes, you enter the flow state right out of the gate, sadly other times, I may start that way but as the painting progresses, looks great, something just fizzles out. Many times it is a simple fact that I get distracted by other things that need to get done, or you get tired, sometimes, it is wrong color combinations, mixtures, or composition. I paint all of my paintings via, imagination/visualization, I try not to use photographs. When this happens you need to let it go and just move on, and come back … Continue reading WHEN A PAINTING GETS STUCK!